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Top 15 Embarrassing Real Life Stories Of NFL Players


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Top 15 Embarrassing Real Life Stories Of NFL Players



For a few hours during the NFL season, we get to watch some of the greatest athletes in the world take the field. Make no mistake that most of the people who reach the NFL have worked to get there their whole lives. It’s a path that requires an uncommon level of training, discipline and, work. While it may take up the majority of a NFL player’s life to reach that level, however, you have to remember that actually being in the NFL doesn’t take up all of a player’s free time. They have plenty of time left to pursue other interests and celebrate their accomplishments.


They also have plenty of time to get into trouble and embarrass themselves. In fact, NFL players often have the time and resources needed to get into more trouble than most. The combination of intensity and wealth that drives them can also sometimes lead them to participating in incidents the rest of us would never think to get into. These same incidents also seem to be a far cry from the almost superhuman image these same players convey for a few hours every Sunday. Then again, those are only a few hours. These are the top 15 embarrassing real life stories of NFL players.




You may not remember Onterrio Smith, but there was a time when the young running back was thought to be a potential breakout NFL star. He was drafted in the fourth round of the 2003 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings, which many experts agreed was a great value pick for the team. While Smith wasn’t brilliant during his first two seasons, he still looked like a valuable utility player with upside. Then, the Whizzinator happened. What’s a Whizzinator? It’s a no-so-cleverly named device that allows someone to beat a urine drug test.


Smith was caught with one at an airport when the airport’s security identified the device as a potential threat. Smith wasn’t released right away, but his career did end shortly after this incident.





Sometimes, NFL players are accused of being big children. People say that their path to fame and fortune never really afforded them the opportunity to mature in ways that many adults their age have to. While that certainly doesn’t apply to all players, the childlike behavior of certain NFL athletes is responsible for some of the most outlandish off-the-field incidents in league history. For instance, there was the time that Dion Lewis and his brother were hanging out at a Hampton Inn when they realized that they were locked out of the building.


For some reason, the two got the idea that the best way to gain re-entry was to pull the fire alarm and get someone’s attention. In their defense, they got someone’s attention. Unfortunately that someone was the police who arrested Lewis and his brother.





Sooner or later, every NFL player needs to accept that injuries are just a fact of life. Very few players regularly active players have ever managed to go their whole career without suffering some kind of medical setback. The best they can hope for is that these injuries aren’t too bad. Actually, the best that they can hope for is that these injuries aren’t caused by something painfully stupid. Just ask Chase Blackburn who was injured in the locker room one day by a most bizarre culprit. Apparently, Blackburn was cleaning his ear out with a cotton swab when he bumped into a reporter and accidentally jammed the swab into his ear. Blackburn fell to the floor in pain and apparently almost ruptured his ear drum. Come on man, you’ve got to be smarter than that.